SEO services - Search Engine Optimization. For many, this is a marketing area that is familiar to many, but not everyone understands the importance of this service.

We often find that clients confuse SEO with Google Ads, but these are two completely different things, because with SEO, you never pay for your clients to visit your website!

SEO services are the optimisation of the technical parameters, structure, internal and external content of a website. It is an ongoing process that brings a long-term return on investment (ROI).

The main goal of SEO services is to get your website's page as high as possible in Google search results for the keyword you want to use, thus increasing your website's traffic.

Anyone searching for your type of product or service on Google will come across countless pages from your competitors, but most often they visit the sites in the top positions of the search results, while your page remains unnoticed.

So SEO services will help you outrank your competitors and get your website ranked as high as possible for the keyword you want to use, thus attracting organic traffic and making your investment look good.

What is the main goal of SEO services?

What is SEO?

6) On-page SEO

On-page SEO consists of five main phases (technical, content, internal links, on-page and UX optimisation). Before we make any change, we first test it to make sure it won't worsen your existing position.


1) SEO Audit

With the help of professional SEO tools, we identify the main technical errors on your website. We then analyse each page of the website manually and prepare detailed reports for each page, including the areas to be fixed.

2) Keyword Analysis

We use various tools to analyse keywords. We evaluate each keyword individually and test different keyword combinations. Applying our experience, we select less competitive and competitive but viable keywords.

3) Competitors Analysis

Competitor analysis assesses the strengths and weaknesses of competitors to prepare a preliminary action plan. Competitor analysis gives you a clear picture of the factors that will lead to growth in your niche.

5) Technical SEO

We start by fixing technical errors, which are listed after a website audit. We optimise the speed of the website and make it mobile-friendly. We tidy up the HTML code and make sure the server is running smoothly.

7) Off-page SEO

External optimisation involves linking your website to other websites of a similar nature to attract artificial traffic in order to boost your page's rankings in Google search.

8) SEO Managing

SEO is not a one-off job that leads to a high position in Google searches, so it needs to be done on an ongoing basis. Only then can you be sure that the positions you have achieved will last and that your competitors will not be able to overtake you.

4) SEO Strategy Development

After the previous work, we prepare a professional SEO strategy which we discuss with the client. This makes it easy to identify the weaknesses of the client's website and create a plan for cooperation.

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